Trimbakeshwar Temple Jyotirling Maharastra is 28 km from Nashik city in Maharashtra and 40 km from Nashik Road on the banks of river Godavari on the Brahmagiri mountain at Trimbak in Trimbakeshwar district. This temple is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. There are three faces of Shivalinga in the g

Garbhagraha of the temple. All three are worshiped as Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. Peshwa Balaji Bajirao( Nanasaheb Peshwa) renovated this temple. The temple is east facing. There is a golden crown of Lord Shiva in the temple. Which has precious gemstones? It is also described in Mahabharata. There is a huge ‘Kund’ in Trimbakeshwar ‘Kushavarta’. It symbolizes the origin of Godavari and is therefore a sacred bathing site for Hindus.

Brahmagiri mountain Trimbakeshwar Temple Jyotirling Maharastra

Brahmagiri mountain is very important. The history of Trimbakeshwar is since the Godavari has its real origin from the peak of this mountain, hence it is called Ganga Tirtha. According to mythology, here Lord Shiva flowed the Godavari with his Jatas therefore it was sanctified. In the month of Shravan, devotees perform the ‘Parikrama’ of the Brahmagiri mountain as a ritual. And thousands of devotees reach here throughout the month. The temple is famous for religious rituals such as Narayana Nagbali, Kalsarp Shanti, Tripindi Vidhi, etc. The Narayana Nagbali ritual is performed only in Trimbakeshwar.

Story of Trimbakeshwar Temple

According to the Puranas, once Brahmans’ wives reside in Tapovan, got angry with Maharishi Gautam’s wife Ahilya. All those Brahmans’ wives inspired their husbands to insult Maharishi Gautama. All Brahmans together worship Lord Ganesha. And asks Ganesha to a boon for insulting Gautama Rishi. Even after the warnings of Ganesh Ji, he remains firm on his word. Ganesh Ji got ready to obey them. He became cows in Maharishi Gautam’s field and starts eating crops. Seeing this, Maharishi only touches the cow with the bushes of wheat. And the cow dies.

Trimbakeshwar Temple jyotirling Maharastra
Trimbakeshwar Temple jyotirling Maharastra

In such a situation, the Brahmin and his wife are hiding and seeing and saying the killer of the cow and many more to the Maharishi Gautam. When the Maharishi apologized and asked the Brahmin to take its remedies, the Brahmin tells them to first take three rounds of the earth and fast for a month, then revolve the Brahmagiri mountain a hundred times, then bathe in the Ganges river and then worship Lord Shiva by making one crore Shivling. After taking twenty-one revolutions of Mount Brahmagiri, you will be saved from Gow Hatya Dosha by taking a bath with a hundred water. Maharishi Gautam did the same.

Lord Shiva appeared

After doing this, Lord Shiva gave him a darshan of himself, then he said to Lord that he wanted free from Gow Hatya Dosha. On this, Lord Shiva said that you have ascertained the defect that you did not do, all this is the handiwork of those Brahmins. I would now teach them a lesson. On this, Maharishi said that you forgave those Brahmins because of them, you have been able to see them. You provide me the Ganges river here. Therefore Lord Shiva asked Maa Ganga to come here, then Maa Ganga said when I will appear here, when all the three Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh would be sitting here. Since then, Maa Ganga is there as the Godavari and all three Lord Brahma Vishnu Mahesh as Trimbakeshwar.

Trimbakeshwar Temple Timing

Darshan Time 5:30 am to 9 pm
Aarti time 5:30 am and 6 pm.
Special pujas such as Rudrabhishek, Mrityunjaya Mantra from 7 to 9 am.
The time of the golden crown of Lord Shiva Darshan every Monday at 4:30 pm.

Tourist place Trimbakeshwar

Vallone Vineyards.
Anjaneri Fort.
Harihar Fort.
Lake Vaitarna Waterfalls.
Coin Museum.
Dugarwadi Waterfall.
Nashik Flower Park.
Soma Vine Village.


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