Shani Dev Mandir Kokilavan. There is a Siddh Dham of Shanidev in Kokilavan village, about 8 km from Kosikalan in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh. Where all the sufferings of the devotees are overcome by the only darshan and all the wishes are fulfilled. This Shani temple is considered one of the ancient Shani temples of the world. Shani Dev comes here in the role of a man who fulfills his desires from Dandanayak.

Story of Shani Dev Mandir Kokilavan

A story related to this temple is very popular. It is a legend that this temple established in The Dwaparyuga got a place hereafter the boon of Lord Krishna himself. According to a legend, Shanidev had come along with many Gods to Nand village to see Lord Krishna’s child form. Nand Baba let the other gods go but stopped the Shanidev that went along because it is believed that reading the sight of Shani means the beginning of a bad time. So he was horrified at her curved vision. Shanidev was extremely sad because Shanidev couldn’t see the child form of Lord Krishna. To console the sad Shanidev, Lord Krishna said that he should do his penance in the forest near Nand village, Lord Krishna will appear there to give him darshan. Shanidev meditated at that place, which pleased Lord Krishna appeared to him in cuckoo form.

Hence the name of this place was Kokilavan. At the same time, Lord Krishna blessed Shani Dev and said that you stay here, and whoever comes to see Shani Dev at this place will not only have the curve of Shani but also his wish will be fulfilled. And anyone who revolves around Kokilavan with reverence and devotion. , All his sufferings will go away. Shanidev requested Lord Krishan to stay here with Radha Rani. As per the request of Shani Dev, Lord Krishna stayed there nearby with Radharani.

Shani Dham Kosi Kalan

Shani Dev Mandir Kokilavan
Shani Dev Mandir Kokilavan

On reaching Kokilavan, the devotees first start the circumambulation of the Temple of Shanidev after looking at the temple of Hanuman Ji.  Circumambulation of Shanidev Temple is about three and a half km. While circumambulating, you can see small temples, Gaushalas, and Ashrams on the parikrama road.

There is also a huge pond in the circumambulation route, which has big fish, and turtles. After performing the circumambulation, the devotees proceed by taking a bath or Pancha Isnan in the Suryakund near the temple of Lord Giriraj Ji for darshan. In the temple, four figures of Lord Shani are built around a sacred stone, on which devotees offer mustard oil. There is a temple of Lord Hanuman, Lord Shiva, and Lord Radha Krishna on the temple premises. There is also the Navagraha temple near Surya Kund and the Guru Baba Vankhandi’s temple of Shani Dev Ji.  Devotees keep on doing Bhandare mainly on Saturday or Sani Amavasya.

There is no restaurant around the temple. Devotees can either eat puri sabzi in shops built outside the temple or can eat in the Dhaba on the main Highway.

How to reach Shani Dev Temple Kokilavan Dham?

A large number of devotees come here on the day of Shani Amavasya. Shani Dev Temple is located about 10 km from Delhi Mathura Agra Highway and 8 KM from Kosi Kala Railway Station. It is at a distance of 18 km from Barsane and 7 KM from Nandgaon.

By Air way

Nearest airport is Indira Gandhi Airport Delhi which is 130 K.M. from Temple.

By Train

Nearest Railway station is the Kosikalan which is 8 K.M. from The Temple.

Major Railway station is Mathura which is 55 K.M. from Temple.

BY Road

It is very easy to reach Kokilavan by road. You can reach near the Temple by Car or local transports.

Sarai Kale Khan Bus stand (Delhi) to Kokilavan 105 K.M.

Mathura Bus Terminal to Kokilavan 55 K.M.

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