Tara Tarini Temple is on the Kumari hills at the bank of river Rushikulya in Ganjam District, Odisha. It is one of the fifty one Shakti Peethas and also one of four Adi Shakti Peethas. Goddess Sati’s breast fell here that’s way it is most important pilgrim for Hinduism.This temple is also popular for Tantra-Mantra. There are two ancient stone statues with gold and silver ornament of Goddesses Tara and Tarini in the temple. Tara Tarini temple is on the hill top so devotees can reach either by tracking 999 stairs or rope way or bye roads near to temple. Rope way one side charge 28 and return charge 40rs. 

Tara Tarini Temple
Tara Tarini Temple

There is a description of this temple in Mahabharata too. Kalingan Empire worshiped Tara Tarini as Ista Devi. After Kalinga Empire Buddhists started worship of Goddess Tara and Tarini. Even There is a image of Buddha in temple. The Chaitra Fair is the most important festival in Tara Tarini temple. Lacs of devotees come here to get blessing of Goddess Tara and Tarini.

Story of Tara Tarini Temple

There is a Shri Basu Praharaj Brahmin in Jagannathpur village, Ganjam District. He was a great devotee of Goddess. He didn’t has any child. Once two girls appeared in his home. After some years both sister disappeared in Ratnagiri hills. Brahmin Basu searched a lot them but didn’t find. Once Goddess came in his dream and told him that both of these girls are not the normal girls. They were Goddess Adi Shakti, Tara and Tarini. Goddess told him to go on hilltop of Tarini Parvat to establish the deities there. Basu followed Goddess direction and reconstructed the temple of Goddess Tara Tarini. Since then devotees of goddess worship there of Adi Shakti Tara Tarini.

Shakti Peethas

There are many Text which describes about Shakti Peethas. Shakti Peethas are the place where part of Sati’s body fell. There are different views about no of Sakti Peethas either are 108 or 51. There are 108 Sakti Peethas according to Devi Bhagwata Purana, and 51 Shakti Peethas according to Shiv Charitra. These Shakti Peethas are not only in India but also out of India too. Presently these Sakti Peethas are in India, Bangladesh, Shri lanka, Pakistan, Nepal and China.

Temple Timing

Darshan Timing 6 am to 12:15 pm and 2:15pm to 9:45 pm.

Aarti timing    

Mangla Aarti   6:15 am.

Sandhya Aarti   6:15 pm.

How to reach Tara Tarini Sakti Peetha?

By Air

Nearest Airport is Bhubneshwar 175 km.

By Rail

Nearest Railway station is Brahmapur, 32 km to temple.

By Road

You can also go by road to temple. There is regular bus service between Brahmapur to temple.


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