Purnagiri Temple Tanakpur Uttarakhand. Purnagiri Temple is on the top of Annapurna Hills near Tanakpur of Uttarakhand State. It is the 1 of Shakti Peethas of Goddess. Goddess Sati’s navel part fell here when Lord Vishnu had cut Sati’s body by Sudarshana Chakra. It’s a very popular temple, where people come to fulfill their wishes not only from India but also from Nepal. The Purnagiri hills are on India and Nepal border. Devotees also call it Punyagiri. The Kali river descends into the plains and called the Sharda river.  A fair is held here in Chaitra Navratra. This attracts a large number of devotees.

How to reach Purnagiri Temple Tanakpur Uttarakhand ?

Purnagiri Temple Tanakpur Uttarakhand
Purnagiri Temple Tanakpur Uttarakhand

To reach the Purnagiri temple, devotees have to climb 3 km on foot. Only people able to walk can reach the temple. The Bhairav temple comes first. Devotees begin the Yatra after praying at the Bhairav temple. After walking about 1 km, a temple comes Jhoothe Ka Mandir. After walking about 2 km, on the way the temple of Maa Kali comes. Devotees worship here while returning. Walking after 3 km, you reach on the court of Goddess Purnagiri. There is an idol of Goddess Purnagiri in the temple. It is also said that Devotees must-visit Siddh Baba Temple after Darshana of Goddess Purnagiri.

Story of Jhoothe ka Mandir

The story of Jhoothe ka Mandir is about traders, Who made fake promises to Goddess. The traders had no child. He visited Purnagiri temple and promised that if he had a child he would build a gold temple of the Goddess. After completing wish Seth became lured and offered gold polish in the temple of copper and started going towards the temple to offer it to the goddess, then reached a place called “Tunyash”. He could not take the temple of copper forward. Then Seth had to keep that temple in the same place. Since then people call it Jhoothe Ka Mandir.

Story of Siddhanath Baba

Siddhanath Baba temple is in Khalla, Nepal. The Siddh Baba was a great devotee of Goddess. He daily went to Purnagiri Temple. It is believed that one day Goddess Purnagiri was doing Shringar in her bedroom. Suddenly Siddhanath Baba entered the bedroom of Goddess. Goddess became angry and cut Baba’s body in many pieces. When the goddess came to know that the man who had entered in the bedroom, that was her exclusive devotee Baba Siddhanath, the goddess regretted it. Then Devi gave a boon to Baba that after my Darshana, devotees must visit Siddhanath Baba’s temple to fulfill their wish.

Purnagiri Temple Timing

Summer 5 am to 7 pm.

Winter     5 am to 5 pm.

How to reach Tanakpur?

By Air

Nearest airport is Pantnagar 97 km to Tanakpur.

By Rail

Tanakpur railway station.

Kathgodam Railway Station is 101 km from Tanakpur.

By Road

Tanakpur city is well connected to the major cities. You can easily reach. Purnagiri temple is 20 km to Tanakpur. There are so many sharing taxi to reach Purnagiri from Tanakpur.


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