Jawala Devi Jwala Devi temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas of Goddess. It is in the lap of Shivalik ranges of Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh. This temple was rebuilt by Pandavas. Sati’s tongue had fallen here so this is the 1 of 51 Shakti Peethas. The temple is very famous for its natural flame. There is no statute of the goddess in the temple. Devotees worship here of natural holy flame. This natural flame is burning as a symbol of the goddess since time immemorial.  It is the most important temple in Hinduism. Devotees come here from not only Himachal but also all parts of India, to get the blessing of the goddess.

Story of Jawala devi Jwala devi temple

There was a cowherd. He had many cows but one of them did not use to give milk. He wanted to know the reason for this. Once He followed that cow. He saw a girl was drinking that cow’s milk in the forest. As she saw cowherd she disappeared in a flashlight. Cowherd told the story to the king. King knew Sati’s tongue had fallen in this area. The king searched a lot that girl but not succeed. After some year cowherd saw a flame in the forest. He told the king that he saw a unique flame in the forest. King went there and stunned to see the natural flame. The king constructed a temple and arranged a priest to daily worship there. It is also said about the temple that Pandavas renovated this temple.

Jawala devi Jwala devi
Jawala devi Jwala devi

Once Akbar also came to the temple of Goddess Jwala. He heard a lot about the temple’s miraculous flame. He tried hard to extinguish by pouring water into the holy flame but was not successful. Finally, believing the miracle of the goddess, he offered gold to the temple. But the goddess did not accept him, threw him out and turned him into another metal. This Kshetra is still outside the temple.

Miraculous holy flame of Jwala temple

Nobody was able to know the mystery of the Miraculous Holy Flame in the temple. The flame is burning without oil, gas, and wick.  Scientists and many research agencies have researched and investigated but couldn’t succeed to find the cause of burning natural holy flame.

Jwala Devi Temple Timing

Darshana Timing:  5 am to 9:30 pm.


Mangla Aarti  5 am.

Evening Aarti 7 pm.

Shayan Aarti  9:30 pm.

How to reach Jwala ji?

By Air

Nearest airport is Gaggal (Kangra Airport)

By Rail

Nearest Railway station is Ranital 20 km from temple.

Pathankot railway station is 120 km from temple.

By Road

You can easily reach to temple by road. There are buses available from Delhi, Punjab, Jammu Kashmir. And Haryana to temple.

Tourist Place near Jawala Devi temple

Baijnath Temple Kangra, Kangra vally, Kangra Fort, Brajeshwari Temple. Kareri Lake, Kangra Art Museum, Palampur, Mcleodganj, Dharamshala.

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