Mahakal temple Ujjain The Avantika city. which has been inhabited for thousands of years on the bay of Shipra river. It is also mentioned in the Purans. This city of Mahakal is also known as the city of temples because here Mahadev is present in different forms in the Chaurasi Linga. People of Ujjain call to Mahakal Ji the king of Avantika. Besides it, Ganesh Ji is the crown prince of Avantika, whose temple is Chintaman Ganesh. And Kotwal is Kalabhairav ​​of Mahakal Ji. There is one more temple near the temple of Mahakala Ji is the Harsiddhi Mata temple. Goddess of Shakti’s and Lord Krishna. This is one of 51 Saktipeeth because Sati’s elbow fell down where is it temple according to the stories.

Mahakal Temple Ujjain Jyotirling

Temple one of the 12 Jyotirling How old is the Jyotirlinga of Mahakal Ji, Nobody can say, but its temple is mentioned in the Purans. it infers that the temple is thousands of years old.

Mahakal temple Ujjain History

History about Shivling. It is a natural Shivalinga and the story about it is that Lord Shiva himself appeared to kill a corrupted monster and save a Brahmin child from his wrath at this place and slaughter that monster and his army. In order to raise the Lord, he decided to be near him and. Therefore Lord Shiva has appeared here as this Jyotirlinga. This is the only Jyotirlinga which is south facing. Because south facing is the mark of Kaal and Kaal is under control of Mahadev therefor people call Mahadev Ji is “Kaalo Ke Kaal Mahakal”.

Mahakal temple Ujjain Bhasm Aarti

Mahakal Jyotirling Ujjain
Mahakal Jyotirling Ujjain

This temple is famous for Bhasm Aarti. Because Of the three locos, the most prestigious the form. which has been considered is that of Baba Bholenath and his Mahakal form. There is only one temple in the whole world of Baba Mahakal where Aghori baba offers Bhasm of fresh Chita on Shivling . because a form of Bhole Nath is Aghor. He loves Bhasm. He is Bhasm Ramaiya. Therefore Aghori Baba takes Bhasm for aarti of Baba Mahakal. It is also believed that Lord Shiva is eternal therefor the devotee comes here for darshan, puja, and to see Bhasma Aarti of Shivling. It is also saying that after completing four Dham devotee must visit Mahakal Temple Ujjain.

Booking for Bhasm Aarti

A devotee can book Bhasm Aarti entry pass online or from the counter outside the Mahakal temple Ujjain. A large number of devotees come from all over the world to see the Bhasma Aarti. But there are only 1000 to 1500 people sitting capacity in the temple. Therefore there is less possibility to get entry easily. The time of Bhasm Aarti is at 4 in the morning. Between 3-4 am the devotees can offer water to Shivling after that they sit in the hall to attend Bhasm Aarti. Men and children can enter for Bhasm Aarti only wear dhoti and women and girls in Saree. There is a long queue for Bhasm therefor devotee starts to reach the temple for 1 am.

Mahakal temple ujjain timing

Darshan Time 4 A.M. to 11 P.M.
Aarti time
Bhasm Aarti 4 A.M.
Evening Aarti 7 P.M.

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