Hinglaj Mata Mandir Pakistan is situated in a narrow cave in the remote hilly area of Lari tehsil of the Baluchistan province of Pakistan. It is 19 km under the Arabian Sea, 250 km northwest of Karachi, and 130 km west of the mouth of the Indus at the distance of the Hingol River. Situated at the end of a series of Kherathar hills of the Makran Desert on the west coast.

About Hinglaj Mata Mandir Pakistan

About Hinglaj Mata Temple. This temple is built in a small natural cave where a clay bed is made. There is no man-made image of the goddess, but a small size natural stone is worshiped in the form of Hinglaj Mata. The only Shaktipeeth in Pakistan is not only Hindu but also Muslim. From all over the world, devotees come to fulfill their wishes. There are two rocks in the cave of the Hinglaj Mata temple. One of Hinglaj Mata and the other of Yogini Mata is 32 lakh years old. It was a Hingol country where Hingoli lived, visiting this temple gives freedom from all kinds of defects.

One of fifty one Shakti Peeth

Hinglaj Mata Mandir Pakistan
Hinglaj Mata Mandir Pakistan

When Shiva, disgruntled at the disconnection of Sati. And started visiting the three locos with the body of Sati. Then Lord Vishnu divided the body of Sati into 51 blocks. Where the parts of Sati – parts fell people call Shaktipeeth. Lord Vishnu’s Sudarshan Chakra cuts off Sati Mata’s body and her Brahmarandhra (part of the head) fell here. Therefore people call it one of fifty-one Shaktipeeth.

Philosophy of Hinglaj Mata

With the philosophy of Hinglaj Mata, one gets freedom from all the faults. Therefor Lord Rama came here to get rid of his guilt killing a Brahman Ravan. Great men like Guru Nanak Dev, Gurugorkhanath have also come here. Around Hinglaj, there are many other worship places like Ganesh Dev, Mata Kali, Gurugorakh Nath Dooni, Brahma Kudh, Tir Kund, Gurunanak Kharao, Ramjrokha Bethak, Anil Kund, Chandra Gop, Kharivar and Aghor Puja on Chorsi Mountain.


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