Dwarka Temple Dwarkadhish Gujrat also known as Jagat Temple or Dwarkadhish Temple located on the banks of the Gomti River near the Arabian Sea in Dwarka, Saurashtra, Gujarat. The Dwarka temple is one of the four Dhams, the famous center of Hinduism. Dwarka is also known as Dwarkapuri and is included in the Saptapuris. After leaving Mathura, Lord Krishna settled Dwarka.
 About five thousand years ago, Lord Shri Krishna settled the city of Dwarka, and the place where he stayed himself was Hari Griha. And at the same place, the Dwarkadhish Temple has been built. It is said that Lord Krishna asked the land to settle Dwarka from Samundra and it was built by Vishwakarma Ji overnight.

History of Dwarka Temple Dwarkadhish Gujrat

Gandhari cursed Lord Shri Krishna, that just as our Korvo dynasty has ended, in the same way, your dynasty and royalty will end. After a few years of this curse, huge waves merged Dwarka into the sea. Scientists found remains in the Arabian Sea. According to Harivansh Purana, Lord Krishna had left the land before this and went to his ultimate abode Baikuntha Lok. Vajranabh, the great-grandson of Lord Shri Krishna, built the temple about twenty-five years ago. The temple was expanded in the Chalukya style between the fifteenth – the sixteenth century. The present form of the temple is about the 16th century.

Dwarka Temple (Jagat Temple)

Dwarka Temple Dwarkadhish Gujrat
Dwarka Temple Dwarkadhish Gujrat

The temple has four gates in all four directions. The temple is of five stories and has sixty pillars. The height of its peak is 38 meters. Devotees of Shri Krishna bow their heads seeing the flag of religion waving on the top of the temple. This flag is about 84 feet long with a variety of colors captivating the attractive color viewer. The sanctum of the temple has a Shyamavarni quadrangular statue of Lord Krishna, which sits on a silver throne. He is holding conch, chakra, mace, and lotus in his hands.

Story of Lord Krishna Statue

There is a story behind the statue of Lord Krishna in the temple, whose eyes are incomplete because priests threw this idol in a well to save it from the Muslim invaders. Many years later God came in the dream of a Pandit and asked the Pandit to get the idol out of the well after a specified time. The priest removed the idol before the scheduled time, due to which the idol’s eye remained incomplete.

Bhog Arti and Dharshan

There is a schedule of Bhog is eleven times daily in the temple and four times Aarti.
Aarti Timing
Mangala Aarti 6:30 am
Sringar Aarti 10:30 am.
Sandhya Aarti 7:30 pm.
Shayan Aarti 8:30 pm.

Visiting hours: 6:30 am to 1:00 pm and 5.00 pm to 9.30 pm in the evening.

Tourist attraction in Dwarka

The Chakratirtha Ghat, the Arabian Sea, and the Samudranarayan Temple situated there. Pancharatirth where there are five wells which have a bathing tradition, Sharada Peeth established by Shankaracharya. Dwarkadhish Temple, Sharda Peeth, Gayatri Temple.
Sunset point, Bhadkeshwar Mahadev, Geeta Temple, Light House.
Rukmani Temple, Trilok philosophy art gallery, Gomti Ghat, Sudama Setu, etc.

How to reach Dwarka

By Air
Nearest airport
Jamnagar 125 km
Porbandar 110 km
Rajkot 225 km
Ahmedabad 450 km.
By Rail
Dwarka railway station is about 3 km from the temple.
By road
You can easily reach Dwarka temple by road. You can reach here by taxi, car, bike or bus.

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