Baidyanath Temple Baba Dham, Deoghar. Baidyanath Temple or Baidyanath Dham is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. And it is also a Shaktipeeth along with Jyotirlinga. Jai Durga Shaktipeeth Baidyanath Dham, Sati’s heart had fallen here. Therefore, this place is very important in Hinduism. Baidyanath Temple is in Sivaganga locality in Deoghar district of Jharkhand. Deoghar means the home of gods. It touches Bhagalpur district in the north, Dumka in the south-east, and Giridih in the west. This temple is very ancient. Which is also mentioned in the Puranas. There is no evidence of who built the temple and when, but in 1596, the ancestors of the Maharaja of Gidhaur built parts of the front side of the temple.

Story of Baidyanath Temple Baba Dham, Deoghar

The story of the temple is believed to be Lanka’s king Ravana did penance in the Himalayas to get a boon from Lord Shiva. Ravana cut off his head 9 times and offered it to Lord Shiva. And when he started cutting his head for the 10th time, Lord Shiva appeared and happy with his devotion. And asked Ravana for a boon. Ravana said, Lord, you are the owner of three Lokas. You left Kailash and stayed in Lanka. If Lord Shiva had promised Ravana, it was difficult for him to refuse. Therefore, Lord Shiva gave him blessings and said that wherever you put this Shivling down, He will be seated in it. All the gods knew that Ravana is a powerful demon, if he managed to bring Shivalinga to Lanka, he would become even more powerful.

Baidyanath Temple Baba Dham
Baidyanath Temple Baba Dham

All the gods together reached Lord Vishnu. Then Lord Vishnu created a Leela. Varuna entered the stomach of the deity Ravana, which caused Ravana to suffer from urination. Ravana caught gave it Shivalinga to cowherd so that he could go to urination. In the form of the cowherd, Lord Vishnu himself was, named Baiju. Cowherd laid down Shivalinga at the same place and went away. When Ravana came after urination, he found the Shivling on Earth. He tried hard to lift the Shivling but did not succeed. That’s way Baidyanath Dham was named after Lord Vishnu who came as a cowherd.

Panchshul in Baidyanath temple

The top of the temple has a Panchshul instead of a Trishul. Devotees consider this Panchshul as the shield of defense of the temple. Ravana had also placed similar defense Panchshul around Lanka for protection. After telling Vibhishan, Lord Sri Rama had demolished it after learning from Agastamuni.

Baidyanath Temple Timing

Timing for Dharshan 4 a. m. to 3:30 pm and 6 pm to 9 pm.
Mangla Aarti 4 am
Shayan Aarti 9 pm.

How to reach Baidyanath Temple?

By Air
Patna Airport is 254 km from Temple
By Train
Jasidin Jn is the main railway station just 7 km from Temple.
By Road
You can reach the temple by bus, car, or taxi.

Tourist Place in Deoghar

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